Why Do We Need to Get Out from our Comfort Zone?

Posted by mladiinfo on 09/12/13

Article by Gayk Ayvazyan

South-East Asia is the place where differences are treated as something ordinary and where the traditions are seen as priorities. Singapore is one of the states that really makes a difference when it comes to business and legal order at global scale, while preserving the sense of social discipline.

About a year ago I had the chance to study at the Law School of Singapore Management University. A semester abroad for me was a call to enrich my knowledge in law, but also to enrich my knowledge about a different culture. After everything, I achieved my goal and was happy to return home with a meaningful experience, but even more importantly I “enlarged my comfort zone”.

It might seem something ordinary to study abroad, however my story is in a way a bit more complicated! I come from Armenia, but right after my high school graduation I started my Law studies in Moscow, Russia. From this point, thanks to the competitive environment, I was motivated to strive for the best. Thus, during my first semester at the university I found out  exactly about the Mladiinfo webpage, and I started looking for international conferences! After a while, I finally found a suitable conference in Switzerland and I applied for it. The topic at the conference, I remember that it was bit more difficult for me and also at the time my English skills were poor. But what was very important, for the first time I got myself out of my comfort zone and for the first time I was giving it a try. A single conference changed my perception of the world. I came back and decided to challenge myself further – to study in English language somewhere abroad.  After a year I was already enrolled at the Tilburg University in The Netherlands and my undergraduate studies in their turn enabled me to also have a semester abroad in Singapore. For me it became sort of “study abroad from abroad” experience.

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