Author: Nikola Zdravkovic
Photos: Filip Popovski

Mladiinfo: Considering the fact that you belong to the group of relatively young photographers, could you tell us something about your beginnings? What was the thing that attracted you to photography?

Filip: I graduated at the Faculty of Law, so the plans of dealing with photography was a hobby to me, I took photos out of pure pleasure and I never seriously considered to become a photographer (photo reporter) until I got a chance to make a report about a unit in a steel factory. It was a challenge for me because I knew how dangerous it can be, so it was the adrenalin that made me do this job.

Mladiinfo: Did you ever visit courses and trainings about photography or did t all come out spontaneously?

Filip: I attended a course about journalist photography. I developed my skills and learned and was offered a chance to become a photographer of Makfax News Agency.

Mladiinfo: In order to work with photography, is it necessary primarily to have the talent or most of it is a result of hard work?

Filip: I would say talent accounts for 10% and 90% are work. ? The harder you work the better you become, you learn new techniques and most importantly you build your own style that makes you recognizable and stands you out.

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