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Although Skopje is not a big city, it has a lot of things to offer. I have been living here for five months and it still surprises me. I have never thought that my first live experience with Parkour will be here, but in fact it was. I had a chance to attend the second Macedonian Parkour meeting, gathering over fifty enthusiastic young people, and make an interview with Simon and Filip from Beyond team.

For those who never heard about it, Parkour is a physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle in one’s path using only the human body. The most common movements are jumping and climbing. Some of the people describe Parkour as art-form or even a philosophy consisting of finding new and often dangerous ways through the city landscape, walls, roof-running and leaping from building to building.

Mladiinfo: How and when did Parkour start in Macedonia?

Beyond: We were the first Parkour group in Macedonia, which was formed about five years ago. At the beginning, we were a group of five people that started with the training and later some others joined us. The people where coming and leaving, because of injuries, which made them to stop for a while or quit. Our activity inspired more and more guys, who wanted to learn and get some tips. After two years another group was set up in Veles, which carries the same name – Beyond.

Mladiinfo:What about the natural ability? Is it a question of talent or it can be trained?

Beyond: It is about the training. If you are training every day you can become good at it. It also depends on what you did when you were a child, if you were jumping or climbing a lot, your muscles developed that way.

Mladiinfo:How does the training look like? Do you need any special equipment?

Beyond: We are training outside and we are adjusted to these conditions. If you do some tricks outside, you know that you can do it everywhere. The psychology is different if you are landing on something soft, like safety mattresses, or if you are landing on grass or ground. However, there are some hard flips and tricks we cannot really try to do, because the injury might be fatal, so having the possibility to train in gym would help.

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