How I became a Londoner

Michal Tomcany

Short story from the life of a young ambitious Slovakian who dreamed about going to England since he was little. This young Slovak grew up in small family that not always had everything but worm hearts. His ambitions were always beyond thinkable and his patience had no limits. He waited and hoped for so long. After the college graduation he was offered a job in South African family living in UK. His first time on plane, first time in England, and what’s more, all alone. He got the smallest room in the house maybe the smallest room in the world. His duty was to look after the house and do all the households. Some “cleanings” around the neighborhood were source of extra income but nothing special. He tried to work in a local pub but he was told it’s beyond his language skills. The very next day he decided to improve his language skills. He signed up for English classes on a daily basis in a local International Language School. After 2 months he managed to improve his language on the level of a fluent speaker. He became brave and felt like at home. Everything around him made more sense, simply because he fully understood the language. He no longer felt that his plans will find success in this city called Reading, which was actually 5 times bigger then the one he was born in. As soon as the college term finished, he quitted all jobs and left all he knew behind.

A new job was on offer in London where he had never been before. He passed the interview and moved to London. New family felt so homie and dirty streets full of life and opportunities offered new scope for his life. The young Slovak found the challenge he was looking for. The thing is that Slovaks are brave at home but shy across the borders and this was no longer true in Michal’s case. In Slovakia he was rejected twice from the only University of Architecture. When he found out, he was angry and felt miserable for not being understood or appreciated. But guess what he did? Just after one year in UK he got an idea that he could study architecture in London. He found out everything about UK Universities and applied for a course at the School of Architecture at the University of Westminster in London. It didn’t take too long and he received an acceptance letter!! It was the best day in his entire life. He wanted to study architecture but had no idea it will happen in London. Can you believe that? Nothing like he planed it or he had saved single penny to study in London but not even superior marks!! It was absolutely simple and amazing!

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