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Though we always keep on talking about the privileges when living abroad, there are some kind of so-called irritating things, that should be mentioned. The most important thing is not to forget to be open minded and ready to “accept the differences” when living in a foreign country. When we say “differences” we do not think about people’s mentality, but the way the daily life functions in the country. Let’s take Germany for example.

The public transport is quite seldom on time

One thing you should be aware of is that the transport in Germany is not always on time. I would rather say it is quite often late, and the worst is that to reach one place, which is not near to yours, you have to change at least 2 means of transport. That makes the system more complicated, because, for example, if the first train is late, it is quite logical that you will miss the second train. The good news is that the connections are quite often, in the big cities each U-bahn comes every 10 minutes. It is good to know to plan your trip in advance, and do not always stick to the timetables. The night buses are very useful, you can use them instead of taxi, which allows you to save some money and still reach your destination.

Straßenbahn in München by kaffeeeinstein©

The taxi is too expensive

There are many people who came for the first time in Germany and were shocked by the price of the public transport tickets. Around 2.50 for a single ride is too much compared with the Macedonian standard, but on the contrary, if you just take a look of the taxi tariffs, you would be blessing Deutsche Bahn. Starting from 5 euros till nobody knows, to use taxi is a luxury in Germany. Even the businesspeople prefer to travel with First class in Deutsche Bahn rather than to travel by taxi for longer destinations. Another problem is that you can not find a taxi wherever you want by just raising your hand, but you have to go to the specific locations where the taxies are. Of course, exceptions are possible, but anyhow, if you have chosen taxi as a mean of transport, be prepared to give more money out of your wallet.

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