24 hours

Author: Mariela Georgieva

Have you ever wondered why the day has 24 hours? Have you ever felt sorry that it is only 24? I have. I am the one who likes to think about these things and complain that 24 hours is not enough. Or I was. I think I generally managed to prove to myself that 24 is the perfect number and it is completely enough for everything. I had the most fruitful 24 in my life and I would like to share them. Take this as a guide how to spend 24 hours of your life or just as a story which I would like to remember and to dedicate to all the great people I met during my voluntary service in Lithuania.

8:40 a.m. Saturday morning – Me and mano darauge (lith. my friend) Magdalena were trying to close silently the door of the volunteers’ place in Kurtuvenai. Leaving for another hitch-hiking trip in a good mood we were discussing the tasty pasta we had last night with our Brazilian, French and German friends.

This is the way our morning started – being happy that we were feeling at home in a place we didn’t know with people we didn’t really know just because they were like us, just because we were a part of the volunteer family.

We took the way to Riga – 150 km, it is such a short distance that we would feel really sorry if we didn’t try to visit the capital of Latvia. As usually, we met a lovely old Lithuanian couple with whom we spoke German, Lithuanian and English and we had a really good conversation.

Two hours later we were already standing near Joniskis waiting for the next car. And there was the first car passing – the first car passing that also stopped. Unfortunately, it was one creepy old guy with golden teeth, so we simply said that we were going to another place and let him go on his own. We were so cool – making jokes that we might be hitch-hiking, it might be cold but we are not that desperate to take any car, we are so cool – we can choose. But 10 km further half an hour later we started changing our minds. Me and mano drauge were standing in the middle of the road and there were no cars coming. In fact, there was something else coming – the rain, the Lithuanian rain.

So, we spent quite a long time on this road, getting really wet, trying to get dried, trying to get a ride. You may think this is not interesting that it doesn’t sound active at all or whatever but I think it is important just because of all the feelings we had, which I am not able to describe properly: we were mad and desperate and optimistic and tired and lazy and much more. Then I started making a small sign that we were going to Riga. People say that it is helping. So I tried…and not more than 15 min later mano drauge was relaxing at a bus stop on the opposite side of the road when I got 2 cars stopping at the very same time. I am so proud of myself.

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