Author: Zuzana Reveszova

This is a story of a girl whose life since the high school times has been markedly influenced by going abroad regularly and being part of international communities. I am taking the advantage to share my experience with youth work, just because it concerns one of the best things I have witnessed (or been a creator of) in my life. I shall want to share this also for the reason of supporting every doubting youngster who still hesitates to start his/her own activity in the field of youth work and international exchange organization. My opinion and statement is clear in a way – go for it and try it at least once in your life.

I joined the youth exchange within the Youth in Action programme for the first time by accident: I was a voluntary assistant at a camp for kids recovering from cancer in Slovakia. After the event, the camp organizers offered me to participate in such camps on an international level in Belgium and from then on I jumped on a train of “internationality” and “youth activity” and went to several other exchanges. I also went to other countries to take part in the Human Rights education trainings and I did all that being under the minimum eligible age – I was 17 and inexperienced in anything.

Having passed some trainings on organizing exchanges and writing projects and with my high school forcing me to take part in something more actively (meaning not only to take advantage of being “international” and not to go to school), I decided to take the opportunity and at the age of 19, i.e. old enough, start being the one that is actually active. At that time I tried to motivate (I guess successfully) some of my friends to help me organize several meetings concerning Human Rights education, promoting European Youth in Action programme and after a while, we wrote our own project of youth exchange on a topic of tolerance.

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