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Author: Zuzana Bujnakova

I know, that really is a general question that would be followed by dozens of supplementary questions. But what I meant in the first place was – what options do we really have after we finish high school? Well, normally we do our best to achieve excellent grades at leaving school examinations. Then, or even before, if we can say what the results will be, we choose our university accordingly. We do think a lot before applying. Is it too close or too far away from my home? How much money will I need to “survive”? Does the university provide the facilities what I am looking for? And what is its rating? Etc., etc…I guess, it really does depend on you guys, individually.

And what was I thinking? To be honest, I have read every single profile of universities throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As I come from Slovakia, it came naturally to me to study in one of those countries (it is because Slovakia and the Czech Republic have some kind of mutual agreement that allows students from both countries to study at either of state universities for no fees, and that is going to be changed soon, unfortunately). But it didn’t really bring me any clear idea of what to do next. I focused more on what university to apply than to the actual study subject and soon, I found myself desperate, because, in the end, I wasn’t even sure what to study! My major high school subjects were English, Slovak, Social studies and History, so they made me think of careers related to them. But I didn’t want any of that!

And I was not the only one. More and more friends and classmates of mine found themselves not sure about what to study. Having looked at all the statistics that newspapers/internet/surveys fed us with, our country was stuffed with people studying humanities! And the worst part was that they could not find the proper job after graduating. That did not make any of us more sure what to do.

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