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Author: Tomas Marcinkevicius

Late ingenious comic George Carlin once did a perfect rant, called „Modern Man“. In a bit more than 4 minutes he was able to name most of the overused fancy words that are bombarding our brain from the internet, TV, business meetings and intellectual talks in such a fun poetic manner, that his contemporary Allen Ginsberg would have been left standing in awe. I know you’ve heard this phrase before, but you simply must see this video on YouTube:

Carlin was for sure a raging tireless and wireless workaholic and a bloodhound for cynicism of this world, so he perfected his speech skills in years of performing and his observational talent over his whole life. I, for instance, being a native young Lithuanian, spent 7 and a half months as an EVS volunteer in the Republic of Macedonia. Nevertheless, this time was pretty much enough to hear all the words I’d need to make my own „Modern Young European in a Different Culture for a Relatively Short Time“ rant. The list includes exchange, project, activity, intercultural, European citizenship, tolerance, nationalism, community, traditional, disadvantaged, point of view, and many more.

I believe most of EVS volunteers, Erasmus students and international interns could relate to my list and expand it.

One of the main words in my rant would be stereotype. It worked out pretty simple: I had some stereotypes about Macedonia, such as inhabitants being lazy and overly-nice people from the South, all-embracing poverty and carelessness for the future, lonely shepherds taking care of mountain goats, trails of Yugoslavian socialist-realist culture etc. As I saw afterwards, some of them were complete nonsense and some were partly true.

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