By Javkhlan Bold-Erdene

I have a dream…

Everyone has a dream. No one knows if it’s going to be realized or not, but the one motivates and inspires himself/herself with hopes and wills that every dream comes true sometime. I am a dreamer. Several years ago I started to learn about Australia since the very first time I saw its symbols such as kangaroos and koala bears on television. As I learned it’s the only country that is a continent itself, ranks first in the world with its sheep, and speaks English. I realized at once that Australia had become a big part of my dream.

“Seeing is believing,” is what we say in Mongolia. Visiting Australia and meeting those wonders was a far dream until I saw a little ad in the school at an upcoming English Olympiad to be held in Ulaanbaatar in November 2006. Its prize was quite a big one. The first three winners would be awarded the permission to select from the chosen countries to spend the summer holidays (at a with the host families and at a camp) in. Since there was Australia among the countries, I made my decision to take part in the contest. I practiced English and prepared for the big. I ranked as third with the total score from the first round and the speaking part. It’s for sure other contestants were of same grade, 11th.

No doubt, I selected Australia and began preparing all the necessary materials for applications, but only then I learned that all the expenses and bills had to be paid by the participant. It was a huge barrier for me because airfare, camp fee and other expenses were so high that I could not afford them. It seemed hopeless, but my uncle took a loan and found the expenses, saying I should go. Formerly, Australia was not listed in the selection of countries for previous winners of the contest organized by the International Lions Club. I was lucky, though.

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