The people – blue and beautiful eyes

All of them have it. And even if they don’t have them blue, still, their eyes are beautiful. The people are nice and very modest. They are all well dressed and have good manners. The older population is prone to alcohol, though, (you can sense it in the morning when you travel to lectures) but they are all nice. There are a lot of foreign students and workers here in Bratislava which, in my opinion, is becoming a big issue for the domestic population. Also, there are a lot of people from Africa, Asia, and the ex-Soviet Union etc. Slovaks are not so satisfied with so many foreigners in their society. Well, I must say that I haven’t heard it explicitly from anyone, but I can read their faces when they spot a foreigner in their surroundings. Also, as I’m aware, they are not so satisfied with the economy and politics in the country. To be honest, I don’t perceive them as the EU citizens. I’ve spoken with some of them about national issues and most of them don’t want to speak about that stuff and the history with the Czech Republic, ah – simply don’t go there.

Since I had issues with the visa acquirement and all the procedures I was exposed to I had a chance to meet all the nationalities that are residents in Slovakia. Before I went through all of that I thought they are just tourists but now I can clearly see that Bratislava is indeed multiethnic. There are a lot of scholarship programs that have origins in the communistic system in the past that allow a lot of students to come and study in Slovakia. I have one friend here – Sheeba. She is African and she is such a sweet person with very pure and traditional values which we, in this modern age of living, forgot about. She took me and my friends to a celebration/event of the African community in Slovakia. There was dancing to native African music, degustation of African food etc. The impression we got was that these nationalities are here for a long time and that they love Slovakia, also, they were speaking Slovak with each other. I think that the most interesting part of this multiethnic topic is that you can see a lot of foreigners in the city, but you don’t hear them speak their language, they speak Slovak.

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