Author: Reni Hristova

Have you ever heard of a world where the sun never sets even at nights? Is there a place where everyone shares knowledge, unforgettable experiences, efforts and energy without expecting any rewards? Do you know of a place where people can easily bring love and happiness, make friendships which last for their entire lives and where people change the world into a better place just with one honest gesture done by heart?

Yes, this world does exist and its name is the world of volunteering.

My name is Reni Hristova and I am a twenty-four-year old Law student at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In fact, my first experience as a volunteer dates back to 2004 when I participated in the preparation and organization of the national Special Olympics Games in Bulgaria. I was taking care of children with intellectual and physical disabilities. I supported and helped them in their attempts to show their best in the sports games. This was really a life-transforming experience to me.

Every year since then, I have dedicated a month of my life and have spent many sleepless nights doing voluntary work. Now I am a part of the team organizing various Special Olympic sports events in my home country – Bulgaria. I am in charge of trainings and campaigns which aim at attracting more people to voluntary work.

My biggest success managing such campaigns was at the 2009 National Summer Games in Bulgaria when I was to take care of 90 volunteers. In fact, I did extremely well with this challenge.

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