Mladiinfo interviewed the Secretary General of Active, Kristina Sperkova. Learn more about Active, sobriety and activities they organize or even participate in the summer Camp in Latvia.

What is ACTIVE all about? (Vision, values, ideology)

Active’s vision is a democratic, diverse and peaceful world free from alcohol and other drugs where any individual can live up to her full potential. We consider alcohol and other drugs a hindrance for development of both – society and individuals. We empower young people and create alcohol free environments to enable their development and self realization.

How long does ACTIVE exist? How many members do you have?

Active was established in 1990 and it was first called EGTYF. This name was changed for Active by the Congress in Switzerland in 2006. Active has approximately 30, 000 around Europe.

Talking about activities, how does a year in ACTIVE look?

The main core of Active consists of our European seminars. Each year we have at least 2 seminars where 30 – 45 young people from our member organizations participate for one week. The seminars build up on non-formal education and learning by doing. We discuss various topics such as Human Rights, Rights of young people, Culture, Environment. All the topics are, obviously, always connected to the issues related to alcohol such as young people’s rights in alcohol culture or alcohol and environment. Every year we organize a summer camp where around 100 – 150 young people participate.

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