Author: Ivan Shindev

As we walk the path of life we are involved in interactions that shape our personality. Personality that will not only make us who we are, but it will also affect everyone around us. Some people would say that we learn throughout our whole life, but from my point of view our brain is shaped while we are in college. After college we have too much on our mind to try and change who we have become. In the first two years of college almost everybody is interested only in social life. But as we get closer to graduation, professional involvement seems necessary and inevitable.

I am a transfer student at The University of South Florida and this is the place that has been shaping my brain for the past year. In the first week of classes I got an email telling me that I am eligible to rush the National Co-Ed honors fraternity Phi Sigma Pi. (read more about Rush here) Since I did not know anyone at that time, I decided that this will be a good chance to meet people and get involved. As I rushed Phi Sigma Pi I realized that the brothers in the fraternity are one big family. I attended events and slowly integrated into their life. It was not just about the social aspect, but also about the tripod of the fraternity: scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Since I became a brother, I have experienced that tripod, and I now realize that rushing Phi Sigma Pi was the best choice I have made in my life. But it is not only Phi Sigma Pi, there are dozens of other fraternities, sororities and other non Greek organizations on campus all striving to bring together groups of people that share the same interests.

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