Author: Linda Poort

Being a student is having a good life. You study a lot, sure, but you also have a summer holiday of a few months. Maybe you will work a bit to earn some money, maybe you will go to a beach and relax after all the hard work you have done. But there are other options – way more interesting ones! Voluntourism: Travel with a purpose

The word says it all. You combine being a tourist with doing voluntary work. If you love to travel and want to make a difference in the world, this is, of course, a perfect combination. You combine your vacation with a great life experience, while making a difference in the lives of others. Good times!

There are a lot of possibilities all over the world and the easiest way to find a project which suits your needs is to consult one of the major international organizations with offices in different countries.

List of organizations

• Service Civil International

• Global Volunteer Network

• International Student Volunteers

• Working Abroad

• International Volunteer Programs Association

• Cross-Cultural Solutions

• Volunteers for Peace

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