Author: Ivana Srdikj

Since June 6, 2011 up until today, youngsters in Macedonia have been asking themselves whether they live in a safe place. After young Martin Neskovski was killed by a police representative, Macedonian citizens gathered to speak out against police brutality and to ask for justice. Once news were spread via Twitter and Facebook, mainly young people embarked on a protest parade through the city streets in Skopje to peacefully express their indignation. Similar rallies have been held in Veles, Prilep and Bitola.

Namely, on June 6 in the midst of the election victory celebration of the Macedonian ruling party VMRO-DPMNE (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization- Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity), 22-year-old Martin Neskovski was beaten to death by a police officer on the Skopje City Square. First, there were negations of the event with the police claiming that there was no murder, so that 2 days later, on June 8, the police officer confessed to beating death of the young boy.

The event sparked outrage throughout the city the very next day; mainly young people organized themselves to protest and ask for justice. No matter the age, no matter the social status, or the ethnic background, people gathered on daily basis since June 6 up to now to non-violently express their righteous anger.

Peacefully parading through the streets of Skopje, protestors stopped in front of the government, the parliament, the police ministry, the court etc. displaying black flags as well as banners like “End of Police Brutality”, “Justice for Martin” etc.

If you were part of the protest, you could have heard questions like: “Weren’t they supposed to protect us and stop the violence instead of DOING VIOLENCE?”, “Is this a police state?” spreading out in the crowd.

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