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An onion has no center. When one cuts through an onion one does not find a central point. The onion has an objective. The objective of an onion is the new onion. This is basically where the idea begins. In Dostoyevsky’s novels there is always a cadence, the story within the story that is not directly associated with the plot, but which, like an onion within an onion, is in fact the core of the whole thing. And there is the comparison to people , because existence itsel cannot be the objective people strive for. It is only justified by the fact that it is the way to something that transcends it Swetlana Geier

The second edition of the Creative Documentary Film Festival “Makedox” was opened in Kursumli-an on June 17. After the opening hour and the coctail-party, there was a short presentation of Arsenij Jovkov`s documentary “ Macedonia in Pictures” that presented the most important revolutionaries from the Ilinden Organization and their ideas for the Ilinden Uprising (an organized revolt against the Ottoman Empire, which was prepared and carried out by the Secret Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization1) makedox7 Makedox A New Dimension of the Creative Documentary Film in Macedonia

The official program of the festival opened with the premiere of the English-Brasilian co-production “Waste Land” (2010) by Lucy Walker. This documentary was shot for almost three years and the story is about the well-known photographer Vik Muniz who works on Jardim Gramaco, one of the poorest and most miserable parts of Rio de Janeiro. Another documentary that was screened at the opening evening was “The Woman with the Five Elephants” (2009) by Vadim Jendreyko. The movie of Swiss-German co-production tells the story about Swetlana Geier, who is regarded to be the best translator of Russian literature into German language and one of her greatest achievements is the translation of Dostoyevsky`s five great works known as the “Five Elephants”. The story is full of emotions stimulated from past events and memory retreats once Swetlana returns to her homeland, Ukraine, for the first time after the World War II at the age of 85.

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