Startup weekend in Skopje

Authors: Emilija Georgievska & Aneta Dimoska

Have you ever had a dream or an idea you wanted to pursue, but you still did not have the right means to achieve it? Have you ever noticed that some things in everyday life do not function well for what you have come up with a better solution, yet you did not have the opportunity to share your thoughts about this with the wider audience? Have you ever wanted to know how the business world functions, what is it like to work under pressure with people you barely know, all having the task to work together in order to accomplish a common goal? Well, if you did come across this kind of situation, how would you feel if one day you see a placard offering you the kind of experience that would fulfill all the above needs – an event which gives one a chance to present an idea, form a team that will work on it, and launch a business! To some of you this concept is probably familiar, but for those who do not have a clue what we are writing about and suddenly, however, felt enlightened by this, let us introduce to you the Startup Weekend event!

A “startup” weekend is about everything we mentioned already – sharing an idea, forming a team, launching a startup business. Participants work constantly for 54 hours, “no talk, all action”, as the slogan of the event proclaims, and at the end the best idea wins a prize (the type of prize depends on the organizers). Anyone can take part and try their luck in the business world.

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