EXIT Fest 2011

Author: Emilija Georgievska

Are music festivals becoming the new youth summer getaway?? At least, that is what the number of visitors of these events is showing lately. Youngsters, all around the world, pack their bags and hit the road to the most designated music program offered. From “Sziget” and “Ozora” in Hungary, “Glastonbury” in England, “Roskilde” in Denmark, “INmusic” in Croatia to “EXIT” in Serbia, the choice of artists to see and listen to is mind-blowing and often very difficult to choose between. However, for the people living in the Balkans there is no time to hesitate – for all the party lovers, “EXIT” festival is the place to be. And that is where I spent part of my holiday this summer.

Situated in Novi Sad, on the Petrovaradin Fortress, “EXIT” gathers around 2 million visitors each year. Four days hosted by a representative from every music genre possible, flawless organization, food and drinks of every kind, and most important of all – positive energy. There are approximately 20 stages, each offering different approaches to music and art in general and vast spaces enough for everybody to dance till they drop. And if you ask the “festival” people what is the main reason why they came to “EXIT”, they will tell you that the line-up is not that important as much as the meeting new people, dancing, joking around or getting to like new genres.

This year the main acts were “Arcade Fire”, “Jamiroquai”, “Beirut”, “Portishead”, Nick Cave and many more. Apart from these main stage performances, the Dance Arena is one of the most crowded stages of all. Although electronic music is not my cup of tea, for the first time in my life I spent every night there, so the atmosphere was incredible. And that is what “EXIT” is about – trying out things that you thought you would never like.

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