Texas – The Lone Star State

Author: Vasko Talevski

My first thought when I started writing this article was how to combine a simple and useful guide to accompany travellers in their exploration of the biggest state in America- Texas. The Lone Star State, as many people call it, is the American proudest and friendliest state. This giant desert is home to 25 million people: a diversity of communities living under the same blistering sun by the motto “friendship”. Travellers going to Texas need to know few things about the state’s weather, transportation, the beautiful national parks and nature, the manner of conduct, and the tasteful cuisine.

The weather in Texas varies a lot due to the state’s large size, but it is mostly hot, and when I say hot, I mean REALLY hot! The Texas desert is so hot and dry that there are many fires throughout the year. In fact, it is so hot that there are not many trees to offer shade. Texas also has the highest number of tornados in America. People that want to travel across Texas need to take necessary precautions, avoid direct sunlight, wear a hat, and use sunscreen. Furthermore, if you decide to walk and explore the countryside make sure you have lots of liquids with you.

Due to the extreme weather in Texas many people use transportation. The most used vehicles in Texas are the trucks. Texans use trucks for all sorts of stuff but mostly because they are good work vehicles, and go hand in hand with cowboy hats and rough terrain. If you want to explore the countryside, to save some time, and to avoid the scorching sun you better take your car with you or have some other type of transportation.

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