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My EVS Story

To be young brings many challenges: trying new things, meeting new people, learning new cultures, and in a way building your individuality and finding your place in this global society. Being young also means a desire to travel. I think by traveling and living abroad we are becoming more open for new horizons and perspectives in our lives.

To be young means to be a volunteer too. I think the best feeling in life is when we are giving something from the heart without asking anything in return. Actually, that’s the biggest reason why I decided to become a volunteer and in my own way contribute to a better tomorrow in this global society.

Many people ask me: ”Why EVS in Poland?”

Curiosity, discovering new cultures and the need to search for something new are some of the reasons that made me go to Poland. I think any country on Earth has its own beauty and has something unique to be seen.

Wrocław – the city where I live now is the fourth largest city in Poland. I can say it is the most beautiful city in Poland. It is a historic city of Silesia, and today is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Over the centuries, the city was part of Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia and Germany, but in 1945 it became again part of Poland as a result of redrawing the borders after the Second World War. Wroclaw was also chosen as European Capital of Culture for 2016. Different styles of art, such as Baroque, Gothic and Flemish renaissance can be seen in the architecture of this city. You don’t need much to fall in love with Wroclaw.

Daily activities in “Multicultural Language Cafe”

I have been in Poland for 7 months now. My coordination and host organization is Semer Avanti and I work on a project called “Multicultural Language Cafe”. I create and run workshops in the area of human rights, intercultural dialogue and tolerance.

Through organizing various activities like: watching short films directed by Youth for Human Rights International, making discussions and presentations, I am trying to give and clarify what human rights actually are and why they are so important to all of us. The concept of my workshop is based on the idea of human rights, a look at the background of Human Rights, a brief history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Universal Declaration and the people who promoted human rights.

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