An interview of Levente Kádár

Author: Tamara Miletic

There is one way how to travel the world and discover new countries, charming places, new cultures, languages, keep in touch with local population, learn about their traditions and customs, but most important, share with them their private space and habits. I’m talking about CouchSurfing, a great way how to meet new people, make long-lasting friendships, and see the world on a shoestring budget. What is a better way to immerse yourself in new environment and learn about a foreign country!

Probably the most of you already know what CouchSurfing is. The concept of this alternative way of traveling is based on giving the opportunity to find someone, who will host you in their home for a night, or more, when you are traveling in an unknown place, then you become a couch surfer. And vice-versa, if you want to meet new interesting people coming from different countries and listen about their stories, offer them a cup of coffee, practice language skills, show them the particularities of your home town, you just need one soft couch in your home to host a traveler to spend a night, or more.

To understand better the philosophy of this charming way of traveling that is already popular in the USA and Europe, and that is going to extend in hundreds of other countries around the globe, we talked with Levente Kádár from Romania, who decided to make his life an adventure and discover the world through CouchSurfing. His experience begun two years ago when he started to hitchhike around the continent for a few months and then he decided to cover whole Europe in one year of full time traveling without coming back home. As he said, the main reason was to have contact with the locals in all countries, to understand their culture, their way of thinking and lifestyles.

We asked him to talk about himself, to share with us his opinions, expectations, thoughts and to explain the main motivation why one person needs to start this kind of adventure that takes one to see, to feel and to understand the world in a different way.

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