Authors: Tiina Veskioja, Stefan Alievikj, Mirela Ramcilovic and Orkhan Bakhshiyev

Each year Mladiinfo – FEJS MK hosts trainings supported by the European Commission through the EU Program for Youth in Action. The first event for the current year was held in Kavadarci, Macedonia from 1st- 7th of June, and it is a follow-up program of the successful YiA training held last year in Ohrid. In the training 35 young participants (journalists, youth activists) from 13 European countries gathered together to learn and practice reporting about EU issues using new media.

The main topic, which was covered during the training, was the issue of youth unemployment under the name Portraying my Europe. Participants were able to have discussions about the issues of unemployment and share their experiences.

The participants’ expectations were different. Olgay, one of the Turkish participants was very motivated to join the training due to the situation in his country. Having a strong opinion about this subject he says: “I think that it isn’t unsolvable problem. All that we – the young people need to do is be aware of our power in society and what we can do for the future generations.”

On the other hand, this was the first training for some participants which they found on the internet. “I saw a post on a youth-exchange group on Facebook and I sent an e-mail to check if I am eligible to participate; a week later I was fine to go,” says Lolita who was being the only Latvian representative.

“This is an unique experience for me and my expectations so far – I can say they are more than fulfilled”, adds Lolita. During the training the participants had one main project they were dealing with. Divided in groups, they did qualitative research such as interviews, polls and group discussions. Anette from Germany comments: “I really like that in this training we have a practical part, such as writing articles and making videos. I am in the article writing group dealing with a travel agency that sends youth abroad. Working in group also contributes to the good atmosphere at the training venue.“

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