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I met Mathias a few months ago, on a new media workshop held in Istanbul. In fact, the workshop happened right after the European Youth Award Summit in Graz, where Mathias and his project “Findia” won the award in the category “pursue truth”. I still remember the look on his face when I said that I am a Mladiinfo representative – he was astounded that he met a person from another winning project on the Summit. After I got to know Mathias a little bit better and learn more about the reason why he and his team won the award, I knew I had to make this interview and share his story with the Mladiinfo audience.

1. Can you shortly introduce yourself? Who is Mathias Haas?

I am 25 years old. I originally come from Salzburg, but I live and study in Vienna. Law is my major, but I am actually not a full-time student because I am working most of the time.

2. I learned that by the age of 25 you have visited many different countries in the world. Can you name a few of them?

After finishing my civil service which all youngsters are required to do in Austria, I did a 9 month world trip. Just on this one, I have visited Jordan, India, China, Thailand, Tibet, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, USA, Canada, England. I had the chance to visit India ten times already because my great grandparents lived there. So far I have been on all continents.

3. A very astonishing number of world countries to see, I must admit. How did this trip come about?

Actually, this world trip has always been one of my biggest dreams and everything was planned on my own, which means that I paid for it as well. I worked very hard during the planning period and I used CouchSurfing for the most part of my travelling.

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