Interview by: Emilija Georgievska

How many times have you wanted to change something about the city where you live in? There certainly are things that you mind about your environment and you probably have various interesting ideas of how to make it a better place to live in. However, the big question here is what do you actually do to change your life and the lives of other people to better? Having amazing ideas and realizing these same ideas are two very different processes which are dependent upon each other, but what we see today are many people who stop at the first phase and never realize what they had in mind.

Luckily, counter-examples who serve as a source of inspiration and motivation do exist and we, as Mladiinfo, are very pleased to know such enthusiasts who truly make this world a better place to live in and who actually realize their amazing ideas. What you are about to read is an interview with an informal gathering from Skopje, Macedonia bearing the name Tiiiit! Inc. who felt the need to act on behalf of the city’s youth and spice the cultural life up by organizing a series of events that brought about a wave of freshness, enthusiasm and vigor to Skopje’s staleness.

1. Who hides behind the name Tiiiit! Inc.?

Behind this weird name Tiiiit! Inc. are Kika, Jana S. and Jana K. , three girls who are best friends and who at one moment decided that they want to spend their energy and free time engaging with their home city, Skopje. This “judgment day” happened two years ago and since then we try to spice every season and organize at least one event in Skopje (and if time allows, even more). So far we have created seven events and we are very happy with the direction in which Tiiiit! Inc. is heading.

2. Your motto is “Happiness is an obligation!” How seriously do you take this obligation? Do you think that Skopje needed an intervention like yours?

We take our motto pretty seriously and we deeply believe that Skopje needs interventions like ours. We are talking about interventions, in plural, because we believe that our city needs them and deserves them. We are not the only an organization that offers “interventions” that make the citizens happy, in the last few years there are numerous events that are trying to awake the sleepyheads and inspire them to be more active. We hope that people will continue to visit our events and that they will enjoy them as much as we enjoy preparing them. Without active participation we won’t be able to make any changes and a change is what we owe to our city

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