waiting waiting in line Visas for Moldovans – an Achievement or a Technical Procedure? Article by: Maria Vizdoaga

For Moldovans and for other citizens from Eastern Europe, obtaining a visa for entering the EU countries has gained the status of an achievement. The process for obtaining a visa requires a lot of documents which would prove that people who apply do not intend to overstay and become illegal immigrants in the EU area.

In the West, obtaining a visa is only a matter of formality; Western people associate the visa procedures with something like renewing your passport, registration of property or enrolling in a university program. Most of the times, they don’t even need visas to travel to other countries, due to the fact that they come from “wealthy” countries and the risk of immigration from their side is smaller. Only the “blue passported-people” present a great risk to other nations, no matter how many documents they present which prove their purpose of stay or no matter how many previous visas or residence permits in the EU countries they had.

Because of many difficulties involved, Moldovans associate obtaining a visa with a real success. It is something to be proud of. We, Moldovans are so proud of bragging about how many visas we had, because we see it as an accomplishment, when it should be a simple technical procedure. This bragging attitude is not only a result of our “proud” Moldovan mentality, but also it results from the complicated procedures of getting a visa.

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