bosh the famous pic 2011 BOSH Festival   Hub for Artists in the South of Macedonia

Glimpse of BOSH Festival, the 2011 edition

Interview by Stefan Alievikj

What’s BOSH? It is being held at the end of each August in the warmest town in Macedonia, at the very south of country, in Gevgelija! It is a multimedia art festival, a multimedia platform that utterly celebrates the creative expressionisms, all put in urban context. Or put differently, as the organizers would say, BOSH is an attempt for an estheticized articulation, and as much as deliberation, for the so-called ‘added value’ of the urban culture.

At the end of each summer, Gevgelija becomes the most vibrant and evocative place to be in Macedonia. The public space of the town becomes a free territory; it looks rather different, extraordinary and unconventional. The town hosts a festival in honor and memory of the late actor and poet Bosko Bozadzievski (1981 – 2008) and it is a tribute by few of his close friends.

The festival took place for the first time in 2009 and ever since it aims to expand and get bigger and better in each forthcoming year. Officially behind the festival stands Art Equilibrium, an organization that affirms the rationale for a dynamic, as much as balanced development of arts and culture, in urban context. For this occasion regarding the upcoming 5th issue of the festival and the activities of Art Equilibrium, we have Maria Stojanova from the core team who is to share something more!

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