Bistra photo 1 Minutes with Bistra, Global Tracker and Youth Changemaker!

Bistra Kumbaroska, photography by Matej Kolakovic

Interview by Stefan Alievikj

Youth activism, social innovation and poetry are her three main passions! Challenge:Future , Mladi Info and AIESEC are the three crucial organizations that enabled her to take part in creating new perspectives and possibilities for young people all over the world. Based in Slovenia, at the moment she is part of the team that develops the Mladi Info Network and the Mladi Info Slovenia branch, and at the same time, together with more than 35,000 young members of the Challenge:Future community, she is taking participation in the establishment and nurture of a solid platform for youth innovations, positive impact and growth. Yet, let us hear something more from Bistra Kumbaroska herself!

1. What are your current engagements with MladiInfo as you are part of the team?

Bistra: Mladi Info has always been one of my most adored and respected Macedonian brands. I know Mladi Info from the very start because it was a webpage that made my dreams come true. As a young student, I was always looking for new opportunities and reasons to travel abroad and I always wondered how can my Norwegian or Japanese friends find so many open calls for themselves, whilst I had to find connections in certain ministries or offices in order to obtain any opportunity. Mladi Info came at a time when Macedonia had low or no flow of information. Soon it developed into a regional hub of information, today being not only a European info portal but also a network of organisations around several countries in EU. I am happy to be part of the team who spread and watched Mladi Info grow. Working with people like Antoaneta is always a privilege. In Mladi Info Slovenia branch, three ladies from 3 different countries make marvelous steps and projects for youth development. Petra, Jasminka and Marta, together with colleagues from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia now pave the road of development for many young people. Winning the Special European Youth Award for Business Potential in 2012 was a huge reward and recognition of all those efforts. I am wowed by the impact and I am happy to be part of this family of growth.

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