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Photo copyright: Youth Future Project Article by Ana Alibegova A week in a sustainable world It is 7:30 in the morning. Couple of young people go door to door and sing at the doorstep: “Morning has come, night is away, rise with the sun and welcome the day”. Instead of the irritating alarm melody of… » read more

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Where Does Europe End?

Picture credits: Christer Fredriksson, National Geographic Article by Gayk Ayvazyan From its inception, Europe was the place of various happenings and saw the rise and the fall of numerous countries. Thus, the borders of Europe have been changing constantly and various ethnic groups have been intermingling among each other, but what about the image of… » read more

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Am I а European citizen?

Article by: Eni Mazniku As a Public Law master student from Albania, a country who hasn’t even achieved the candidate status of the European Union, you may logically ask what are my relations to European Citizenship if I am not legally a European citizen? Well, before attending а training on European Citizenship, I also shared… » read more

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