Am I а European citizen?

 Am I а European citizen?

Article by: Eni Mazniku

As a Public Law master student from Albania, a country who hasn’t even achieved the candidate status of the European Union, you may logically ask what are my relations to European Citizenship if I am not legally a European citizen? Well, before attending а training on European Citizenship, I also shared the same doubts. I also thought that citizens of non EU countries were excluded from the benefits of such a desirable status, but fortunately the situation is more positive than it seems.

The event’s topic was European Citizenship in Youth Work and it was conceived as an intensive 7 days training course. It was organized due to the cooperation of Council of Europe and European Commission and was held in Antalya, Turkey at the beginning of April 2013. The participant were civil society activists and future politicians, chosen from different countries from Europe as Albania, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Bosnia, Germany, Azerbaijan. Before the training, my knowledge on this matter was not very clear and sufficient since nowadays it is not a very-widely elaborated matter. After the training I strongly believe that I and the participants have more detailed information on European citizenship and its legal, social, cultural, religious background.

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