Jasminka and Marta are two lovely ladies from the Mladiinfo Slovenia branch. They were both happy to undertake a job shadowing activity, supported by the Youth in Action Programme and they were our dear guests in the Mladiinfo main office in Skopje, Macedonia from 28 October until 8 November!

“I joined Mladiinfo in the Slovenia branch in 2012. I was visiting the webpage quite often and I was able to track a lot of useful information there. As I’ve been living in Slovenia in the past few years, I was lucky to be acquainted with the Slovenian branch and decided to volunteer with the Slovenian team. For me it was an opportunity to help as many young people as possible to access possibilities for free education, something that I lacked when I was younger. It’s a personal aspiration to help youth, especially those with very few possibilities to access free education, to be more confident in pursuing their goals and help them choose the most suitable careers for them,” says Jasminka.

“I was born in Toruń, Poland, where I finished Balkan languages and where I started to be very much into everything connected to the Balkans and youth work. After many trainings, youth exchanges and other projects, a couple NGOs and almost 2 years of living in Serbia I moved to Slovenia. In Ljubljana I have had the luck to meet the girls from Mladiinfo Slovenia and was flattered to join them. I was flattered because I knew Mladiinfo Macedonia for several years already, I knew that they are doing really good work and how successful they are,” tells Marta as an introduction.

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