Photo by Blagica Gjorgijevska
Interview done by Tamara Miletic

The European Voluntary Service is one of several actions within the Youth in Action program, funded by the European Union, to increase the skills, experiences and overall participation of youth in community development projects. Since 2009, Mladiinfo is a sending and hosting organization giving the chance to many youngsters all over Europe to take part in this amazing experience of exploring the world and learning from different people and cultures. So far, we have hosted more than 15 volunteers coming from Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Croatia who helped us to develop our activities and work, and we have sent abroad more than 35 Macedonians who wanted to expand their personal experiences, survive in a new environment and put their ideas into reality. Some of them are still in the midst of their EVS service, thus we asked them to share their impressions and to reflect on how volunteering has influenced their future perceptions of life, culture, work and vision of reality and their view of European societies.
Blagica Gjorgijevska and Ana Petrusevska are taking part in two different projects held in Italy and Slovakia. Blagica is volunteering in the NGO UILDM Sezione Laziale set in Rome, Italy, that takes care of about a thousand of users affected by neuromuscular and neurological diseases, whilst Ana is involved in the work of the ICM Krupina, Slovakia, a youth centre that provides information on different services and support to the local youth. Both projects, though different, have provided our volunteers with a life-changing experience!

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