Merve Evliyaoglu, 23 years old, from Turkey has very special love for Macedonia. Although she has grown up in Turkey, and currently lives and works in Istanbul in the public prosecutor office, she has many friends in Skopje and great memories of MIT University where she has recently graduated.

Her decision to study abroad was brought on more or less the same reasons that are shared by young people at her age: seeking new challenges, something new and different, but solid enough to be able to build up her career and future on it. That’s why, she has chosen MIT University. As she says: “I loved that place from the very first time I entered there. I got European treatment and educational curricula for great prize. As a bonus, I got many friends and supporters that made me feel as I am at home while I was in Macedonia.“

Merve studied at the Faculty of Security and Financial Control. She is especially impressed by the program and the expertize of the academic staff in this specific field. “I never thought it would be possible to find such multidimensional program from this field on the Balkan“- she says. Recently after graduating, she came back home and got her dream job easily: “The most important thing I got from MIT University-Skopje is the practical knowledge and the skills I gained. That made me very competitive on the labor market “ – she says.

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