Interview done by Stefan Alievikj

This September, part of Mladiinfo crew landed in Slovenia to attend Slovenia’s autumn highlight, the Challenge:Future Summit 2013 that was held in Maribor, Ljubljana and Bled. While in Slovenia, we met three inspiring young women from Africa: Alice Pejo (26), Chourouq Haisni (23) and Udoka Chiefe (25) .

Udoka Chiefe, born and bred in Nigeria, has a legal background academically, but her primary interests are in youth development work, especially young women, with a special interest in information technology and innovation. “I love learning. I find myself reading everything from the Holy Bible to Seneca, from Jane Eyre to Siddhartha, from learning Python programming to jewelry making. I believe that life is a journey to be experienced. I believe that as humans we have an obligation to make a positive contribution to the world as much as we can. Something that we can be proud of that we achieve to make the world a better and more sustainable place for future generations,” writes Udoka.

Alice Pejo from Katakwi district in Uganda obtained her bachelor degree in Information Technology and Project Management at Makerere Unversity. She says: “I am a practical entrepreneur, passionate about social development and poverty eradication in one of the most impoverished regions in Uganda. I am currently volunteering with Teso Initiative for Development, a local community-based organization as a Youth Project Coordinator focusing on entrepreneurship skills development and food security projects through practical and feasible solutions.”

Chourouq Haisni comes from Casablanca, the biggest and the most crowded city in Morocco. “I am a finance and audit major, (not because I like it but because I didn’t have a choice). I am very interested in the educational system being one of the fields that are the least developed in Morocco and that suffers from a lot of problems that impact our society in the most drastic ways. I am a strong believer in change and I know that a small act of kindness can go a long way,” reflects Chourouq.

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