Article by Ana Alibegova

Only a day is left before the start of the journey to one of your favorite destination. The excitement reaches the peak, a hostel is booked, tickets are bought, the passport is here, packing is soon coming to an end. There is no way you can sleep tonight; tomorrow is the “D day”, when your holiday or study abroad is going to start. “I will get some sleep during the trip, there is plenty of time”, you try to comfort yourself. But sorry to disappoint you, it can easily happen that the eventual short nap in the taxi to the airport might be the only 15 minutes you will truly enjoy after you left home. Let us see who you can meet during your journey!

In the taxi

There are two types of taxi drivers that you can easily run into: the Expert and the Grumbler. Very often both types are integrated in a single person.

The Expert: They know everything, from politics, unemployment rate, GINI index, average salaries in the world countries, all the news in turbo-folk industry, detailed analyses of the politicians’ love life. They are always the ones to finish the discussion, and get extremely angry if your opinion differs than theirs.

The Grumbler: On the other hand, the Grumbler possesses the same information as the Expert, but uses not only to argue, but also to conclude that: “There is no country in the world where the situation is worse than ours”. His favorite quote is: “All the politicians are thieves”.

So, if you want to be safe and sound and reach the airport calmly, do your best to avoid any debate (put on your headphones for instance) or just nod with your head, no matter what they say.

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