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Neither the heavy rain that set Seine River out of its course, nor the Euro Cup 2016 were big enough obstacle to stop the three international events that took place in Paris the first week of July. The willingness for activities of such rang resulted with bold step being taken – an establishment of a… [read more]

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If you type the words youth activism on Google, you can find about 473.000 results and on the top of the page a common definition that ‘youth activism is youth engagement in community, organizing for social change’. Exactly this topic was in the center of the project Switch on: Participation Mode. Realized by the NGO… [read more]

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„In my opinion integration in Slovakia is not the best…  but I hope the situation will be better. It is a long process.“. This is how Martina Zemanová, a 26-year-old student at Comenius University and  member of Civic Association TU SOM DOMA (This is my home), explains the situation of young disabled people in Bratislava…. [read more]

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The town of Komárno is located in the south of Slovakia with a population of almost 36.000 citizens. Through the town of Komárno flows the Danube, once representing the border between Hungary and Slovakia, nowadays simply a picturesque part of Komárno’s landscape. With the establishment of the European Schengen area the Elisabeth Bridge over the… [read more]

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