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Photo credits: Filip Jotevski Written by: Ana Alibegova Proofread: Diego Heatherman Edited by: Ivana Petriskova The young Ognen Janeski wishes the day had more than 24 hours. “It is hard in one day to combine your work-related tasks and to go to help those who are most in need, but I am giving my best”,… [read more]

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Youth Has Voice Too?

Difficult, boring, opaque, unimportant – the descriptors of EU affairs world are not flattering. In the light of the widely talked about rise of the far right, increasing nationalism, hostility towards immigrants and the individual closing down of borders, the public opinion on the European project has seemed to lose popularity over the course of… [read more]

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What started 6 years ago as a popular listing site called Student Competitions ( has evolved into Sqore. A service that was built to take you places through competitions. Sqore challenges students and young professionals around the world to demonstrate their skills and win scholarships, travel grants, and more. The idea is simple, your background… [read more]

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