We live in an open world. Our generation travels across the planet, speaks foreign languages, communicates, using multiculturalism as an advance not as an obstacle. We have a feeling that we belong to the same world and that the world belongs to us.

Our generation likes to travel, has to travel. This Internet-accelerated mobility has several reasons. One of them is the necessity to catch up with today’s economic stakes. One needs to speak more than two or three languages and needs to learn a lot about different cultures in order to be ready for the requirements of today’s labor market.

The fact that two hundred thousand students are studying abroad every year using the Erasmus program (almost two million used the Erasmus opportunity since it started in 1987), only proves our theory about the new mobile generation, having in mind that Erasmus is only one of the many possibilities offered to today’s youth.

How Mladiinfo was born

The team of young people from Skopje, Macedonia, being part of the “traveling generation” themselves, came up with the idea to launch a medium whose main purpose would be to help students from all over the world find about opportunities to further their education formally and informally by studying abroad and traveling.

This is how was born. We first started by collecting information about various scholarships, trainings and conferences and mailing them to our friends and colleagues. Only later we decided to make all this information available to the general public. In November 2008 we developed a website and began uploading all the information we could find about possible MA, PhD scholarships, open calls, trainings, youth grants, etc. New information just kept coming, along with the first letters of encouragement and positive impressions. Soon, we started getting hundreds of e-mails from young people from all over the world. Some of them wanted to register, to become members, some of them asking for assistance, help, and advice. We launched our newsletter, summarizing the last information from all categories. And once again, we were faced with a very positive feedback coming from everywhere.

World Summit Youth Award

In May 2009 Mladiinfo team received the best confirmation for its work, efforts and commitment. was selected as one of the top five web portals in the world in the ‘Education For All’ category at the World Summit Youth Award.
Mladi Info has won this award competing against 622 web portals coming from 101 countries in the world.

The World Summit Award is a global initiative for selection and promotion of e-contents and projects and is organized by the United Nations. Starting from 2005, the Youth Award has been organized every other year as part of the World Summit Awards.

New Mladiinfo

One year after, the NEW Mladiinfo, redesigned and restructured can offer a lot more. Now we are offering original articles on different topics that are of young people interest. We present youth projects and activities, introduce different youth events, give useful tips and shows your story to the world. What many of you will find very useful is the database of the European universities. Learn about their study programs and funding opportunities, check the admission dates and life in the campus.
The NEW Mladiinfo is easy for navigation, simple and user friendly. We are sure that you will find the information you are looking without any problem.

If you have any questions, or if you want to share your story with us please write us on .

We honestly believe that many young people across the world will benefit from Many of you will become MA or PhD students, will receive scholarships, will attend different educational programs, and will embark on and pursue your careers thanks to the information you had once found on this website. We strive to achieve this.

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