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EXIT Fest 2011

Author: Emilija Georgievska Are music festivals becoming the new youth summer getaway?? At least, that is what the number of visitors of these events is showing lately. Youngsters, all around the world, pack their bags and hit the road to the most designated music program offered. From “Sziget” and “Ozora” in Hungary, “Glastonbury” in England,… » read more

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Authors: Natasha Jancheva, Elena Trajanova and Daniel Gjokjeski “Waves of Democracy”. At first, it might sound a bit too serious and abstract, but the fact this seminar involved young people from seven different countries who were more than eager to share their knowledge, ideas, and culture was assuring enough that this week was going to… » read more

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How I became a Londoner

Michal Tomcany Short story from the life of a young ambitious Slovakian who dreamed about going to England since he was little. This young Slovak grew up in small family that not always had everything but worm hearts. His ambitions were always beyond thinkable and his patience had no limits. He waited and hoped for… » read more

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