ghoti picture credit Article by: Jessica Davidson Peace Corps Volunteer, Mladiinfo International team With a non-phonetic alphabet, English is especially difficult  “Dzees ees Engleesh, ow come you don’t undergrstand me?” – the frustrated cry of a Frenchman to an American. Ok… Ok. As a fellow learner of foreign languages, I get it. Learning a second,… [read more]

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Article by: Zvijezdana Marković Just two months ago I was doing the application to become part of the Young Journalists and Writers (known as YJAW), an attractive online web platform of writers, journalists and enthusiastic people who were all there with the same passion: writing and sharing their ideas with their peers from all over the… [read more]

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Written by: Ana Alibegova Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj If a traveler attempts to make a retrospective of their so-far life experiences and crucial developments in their professional and personal growth, it is of no doubt that their first voyage abroad will have a seat on the pedestal. Every day spent abroad is a new challenge… [read more]

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Marija Grujovska Author: Stefan Alijevikj Picture credits: Marija Grujovska “One of my strongest memories from my childhood is that of my grandfather’s stamp collection. My grandfather had the chance to travel to many different places of the world and the most precious things he always brought with himself back home were his stories. Those stories… » read more

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Agele Moses Taban, part of Mladiinfo Slovensko team; photography from Veronika Blanarova Author: Zuzana Babikova Edited by: Ana Alibegova / Stefan Alijevikj Agele Moses Taban is an amusing young man that easily makes friendships thanks to his open approach and wide smile. The 26-year old youngster comes from Juba, which doubles as the capital of… » read more

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